Libertad y Desarrollo launches XV edition of the book “Sentencias Destacadas”.

On Thursday, December 5, in the LyD Auditorium, the fifteenth edition of the yearbook of doctrine and case law “Sentencias Destacadas 2018, una mirada desde la perspectiva de las políticas públicas” (2018 Remarkable Judgments, a look from the perspective of public policies) was launched. The edition was edited by Arturo Fermandois, partner of the Law Firm.

This book analyzes and comments on the most important judgments that occurred during 2018, concentrating on those coming from the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and the Constitutional Court. This last edition had the participation of 15 prestigious lawyers and academics who analyzed the relevant rulings and their impact on the public discussion, contributing to the healthy and necessary scrutiny of the work carried out by the country’s highest courts.

This year, the text was presented by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Hernán Larraín F.

In this edition, Andrés Vodanovic, associate attorney of the Law Firm, participated with the article entitled: “Fallo reforma Educación Superior (2018): potestad del TC para calificar el carácter orgánico constitucional de las leyes ¿un poder ilimitado?” (High School Reform Judgment (2018): power of the Constitutional Court to qualify the constitutional organic character of the laws: an unlimited power?), where he examines the Constitutional Court’s ruling on the bill on higher education (Case No. 4317-2018).